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1. Lavender

Clean out your stress

Lavender benefits - Beyond Keto

The name Lavender originates from the Latin word, lavare, which means to wash or bathe. Naturally, this makes sense as the smell of lavender gives off an intense aroma that some would associate with clean. The plant was therefore used in several types of cleaning supplies through-out the years but cleaning was never the only benefit of this beautiful plant. It was also used for centuries to help with digestive issues, grief and stress. Although, it doesn't stop there, turns out there are several reasons to keep this essential oil on hand or around the house. These include its ability to aid in healing sunburns, 1st and 2nd degree burns and even in soothing those pesky mosquito bites.


Some of it's known benefits are:
  • Anxiety and depression: studies show that lavender was able to improve symptoms associated with disorders such as restlessness, agitation, disturbed sleep and a general increase on overall well-being and quality of life. It is then said to be comparably effective to some low dose antidepressants. Lavender oil is suggested to balance GABA neurotransmission which means calming down the nervous system. When the nervous system is excited it puts us on alert or into the “fight or flight” mode. However, when it is calm it brings our anxiety levels down and relaxes us.

  • Allergies: shown in a lab study done on mice, lavender was able to inhibit histamine release within the cells. Histamine are essentially what allergies are made up of. Although, histamine has other good roles that it plays within our body such as helping the body to protect itself against parasites, histamine can also look bad in terms of allergies. Allergies are when the immune system overreacts to harmless substances such as peanuts, pollen, pet dander and more thinking they are “invaders” in the body. Histamine then attacks these “invaders” causing inflammation, itchiness, runny nose and all your other common allergy symptoms until the “invaders” are gone. Thus, giving histamine a bad reputation.

  • Mosquito bites: essentially, a mosquito bite is an immediate histamine response from your body. The body recognizes the mosquito's saliva and promptly increases blood flow to allow the white blood cells to cause inflammation and swelling to aid in the body's natural healing process. Thus, when you apply the essential oil of lavender to the affected area because of its immediate-type allergic reaction response, it is able to subside the itch.

  • Burn healing abilities: As a result of its anti inflammatory, pain relieving and antimicrobial abilities, lavender has been used to treat sunburns as well as 1st and 2nd degree burns. ◦ I can vouch first hand for this ability as on May 4th 2019 I had a horrible burn accident. I was boiling chicken feet for its amazing health benefits, when all of the sudden it blew up at me scalding my face and arms. My partner instantly rushed me to the shower and under cool water while calling the ambulance. I was taken to the hospital to later find out that I had 1st and 2nd degree burns. For the first few days I used Bioderm (an antibiotic ointment) until the oozing had stopped. Once the oozing stopped, I switched to a natural mixture of coconut oil and lavender twice daily switching the coconut oil out for argon oil from time to time. My face healed astonishingly fast. It had happened on a Saturday night and by the next Saturday my face had almost entirely peeled except for a few scabs at the end of my nose, where it had hit the worst. The next day Sunday the 12th of May, those scabs had fallen off, revealing a completely new, smooth set of skin. For the next month I lathered my face and arms with my oil mixture without miss. I am so thankful I didn't leave this horrifying incident with any long term scars or injuries. But I caution everyone to beware of the unknowing possibilities of their bone broth exploding. Always keep enough water in the broth when boil or even simmering on low. The broth can get to thick from the collagen and can trap an air bubble resulting in an abrupt burst or explosion like it did for me.

Note, lavender is considered to be a very safe essential oil. It is one of the only oils that is safe to put directly on your skin but always be cautious and try a small spot on your skin first. Some people may have an allergy to the scent and should therefore avoid its use. For most of these benefits, lavender oil has been used externally. For usage internally make sure you keep it to a minimum and under the watch of your doctor or naturopathic practitioner.






2. Clary Sage

The magic woman's oil

Clary Sage benefits - Beyond Keto

Clary sage: a plant native to the northern Mediterranean, as well as some areas in northern Africa and central Asia and is also referred to as its more scientific name, “Salvia sclarea”. The name “clary sage” came from the Latin word “clarus” meaning clarifying or cleansing”. The seeds were historically believed to heal and improve the health and vision of eyes thus earning the meaning to its name “clear eye”. Not only is this plant beneficial for the eyes but it also hostest a plethora of benefits that help up-lift the mood and help to balance out hormones. Commended for its stress- relieving, menstrual cramps reducing, menopause symptom alleviating abilities it's no wonder it was given the nickname “the woman's oil”.


Some of it's know benefits are:
  • Anti-stress: studies found that the anti-stressor effects of clary sage were significantly inhibited by dopamine receptor blockers. Dopamine stimulates the feeling of pleasure within our brain. When this signal is blocked it is only natural to feel hopeless and a lack of motivation. Clary sage was found to affect dopamine activity thus reducing stress levels.

  • Helps with acne: there are many forms of acne ranging from intestinal problems, dry skin, oily skin, different types of bad bacteria on the skin, hormonal and more. It is hard to then suggest any one remedy that cures all. With that said, clary sage has had positive results in actively killing off certain types of skin bacteria that could lead to acne. Therefore, it is also found helpful in treating wounds and skin infections.

  • Hormones (PMS & Menopause) regulating: as mentioned previously clary sage has been shown to affect dopamine activities, which is a major hormone that effects well-being and pleasure within our brains. Not only was clary sage able to improve dopamine receptors but also serotonin. A study examined 22 menopausal women in their 50's with normal and depression tendencies. The changes in neurotransmitters, after inhalation of clary sage, were then compared. Cortisol levels were found to significantly decrease while serotonin levels significantly increased. Serotonin functions to stabilize mood thus regulating happiness. Obtaining the proper levels of cortisol, serotonin and dopamine are all major components in regulating hormones which in turn combats the effects of menopause. It is also said many times around the web that clary sage can help in regulating estrogen but that theory has yet to be proven.

  • Inducing childbirth: in a small survey it has been said that clary sage can induce uterine contractions resulting in speeding up childbirth. Although there is no scientific evidence on this yet, a small survey was made of 28 women. Out of those 28, 16 reported induced contractions upon taking clary sage. Over three quarters of the women stated that it made the contractions stronger and more frequent.

  • Carcinogenic & anticarcinogenic potential: a study done on rats found scareol (a chemical compound found in clary sage) to have apoptosis (the normal death of cells in their phase of growth or development) effects. When 8.8mg per kg of weight per day, was administrated for 30 days, only minimal toxic effects were observed. This dose was then considered to be the NOAEL (the highest possible does without causing negative effects to the animal). The study found sclareol to have strong cytotoxic (to be toxic to cells) activity against cell lines for mouse leukemia, human lung cancer and human epidermal carcinoma. Also proving to be cytotoxic to 13 of 14 human leukemia cell lines that were tested but was not cytotoxic to cells in the blood that counteract disease, such as white blood cells. Another in vitro (a test that takes place outside of a living organism, such as in a test tube or culture dish) test, found 13-epi-sclareol (an ion or molecule in the make-up of clary sage) inhibits the growth of breast and uterine cancer cells.

Note, clary sage can cause uterine contractions and can be toxic when ingested. Talk to your health care provider or naturopath when using internally or when pregnant.




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